1971 Volkswagen Beetle 1300 Ragtop.                                                                             (Not The Owner Now)





Year                  Manufactured in 1971

Model               1300 Ragtop RHD

Colour               White

Exterior            Stock (with pre 67 front wings, sloping headlights, blade bumpers with over-riders)

Interior             Stock in Black Vinyl

Engine              1300cc Single Port & Stock Exhaust

Gearbox           Stock 4 speed

Electrical          12 Volts

Wheels             15" 4.5J BRM's

Tyres                Front 145/65 & Rear 175/65

Extras               Period Radio, Sun Pro Gauges (Monster Tacho, Voltage, Temp, Pressure)

                          Twin side mount aerial, Empi Hurst Quik-Shift Gear Lever, Front & Rear Stone Guards