Vehicle Identity Certificates / Birth Certificate.


A Vehicle Identity Certificate is a document that is produced by Volkswagen which contains information about a vehicle.


There are a few reasons for requiring a Vehicle Identity Certificate :

1.  Transporters prior to 1958 had no M plate fitted from the factory.

2.  Some vehicles lose or are missing their M plates.

3.  The owner needs or would like confirmation of his/hers vehicle details.


A Vehicle Identity Certificate contains details about your vehicle such as:

Date of Manufacture

Chassis Number

Model Number & Engine Number/Size

Original Paint Colour Schemes & Upholstery Codes

Original Country of Export Destination

Factory Fitted Options or Extras


If you wish to obtain a Identity Certificate from Volkswagen, you can contact them via email, the website or by post.


Postal Address:     Stiftung AutoMuseum


                                Dieselstrasse 35

                                D 38436 Wolfsburg



Website Address:   http://automuseum.volkswagen.de


Send them your:      Name & Address

                                 VIN/Chassis Number

                                 Fee (35 euros)


I contacted them recently (early 2005) & this was their response :


" We are pleased to research data of your Volkswagen and to draw up a

   birth certificate with the recorded data regarding original engine, colour,

   date of manufacture, port of destination......


   The price for this service is 35 euros which you have to pay, Our terms

   of payment are cash or via visa/mastercard - card number & expiry date.


   Our bank account    Volksbank Wolfsburg

                                 BIC: not shown for obvious reasons

                                 Konto / IBAN  not shown for obvious reasons


   or send the credit card number via to our fax: (0)53 61-5 20 10


   We need to know the chassis number of vehicle, the name of the vehicles

   owner & the complete address where we should send the certificate to.


   We are looking forward to hearing from you.


   Yours Faithfully

   AutoMuseum Wolfsburg


   For the research we need 4 - 5 weeks !                                                   "



Hope this page helps you......  Regards BaronVonKronken.

( NOTE: the price may have changed since 2005, check with their website )