The A to Z of Camping Conversions.                                                             (From 1950 through to present day)


No Volkswagen Transporter ever left the factory with a camping conversion fitted.

Most conversion company's used the kombi (23) model (11 window).


ADVENTUREWAGEN        Produced from 1968.  Made in USA.

AMESCADOR                      Produced in the 1970's.  Made in Holland.

ARCOMOBIL                       Produced from 1960 to 1979.  Made in Stuttart, Germany.

AUTOSLEEPER                    Produced from 1988.  Made in Worcestershire, UK.

BILBO                                    Produced from 1977.  Made in Surrey, UK.


CAMPMOBILES                  Produced from 1963 to 1972.  Made by VWoA.

CANADIANAS                      Produced from 1963. Made in Canada.

CANTERBURY PITT           Produced from 1958 to 1969.  Made in UK.

CARAVERSIONS HITOP    Produced from 1962. Made in London, UK.

DANBURY                             Produced from the 1950's.  Made in Essex, UK.


DEHLER PROFI                   Produced from 1980's to 1997.  Made in Germany.

DEVON                                  Produced from 1957.  Made in Devon, UK.

DORMOBILE                       Produced from 1961.  Made in UK.

EUREC                                   Produced from 1970's.  Made in Holland.

E - Z                                        Produced from 1963.  Made in California, USA.


HOLDSWORTH                   Produced in the 1970's.  Made in UK.

JOCH                                      Produced from 1956. Made in Germany.

JURGEN                                Produced from 1973. Made in South Africa.

KAMPER KITS                     Produced in 1962. Made in California, USA.

KEMPERINK                        Produced from about 1959.  Made in Holland.


MOORTOWN                       Produced from 1958.  Made in Leeds, UK.

OXLEY                                   Produced from the 1970's. Made in Hull, UK.

POBO                                     Produced in 1950.  Made in Denmark.

REIMO                                  Produced from the 1970's.  Made in Germany.

RIVIERA                               Produced from 1965  Made in Oregon, USA.


SAFARE                                 Produced in the 1970's.  Made in California, USA.

SERVICE MOTA                  Produced from 1960 to 1966. Made in Essex, UK.

SLUMBERWAGEN              Produced in 1959 to 1965. Made in London, UK.

SPORT KOCIJAN                Produced in the 1960's. Made in Vienna, Austria.

SPORTSMOBILE                 Produced from 1965  Made in California, USA.


SUNDIAL                               Produced from the 1960's.  Made in California, USA.

SYRO                                      Produced in the 1970's.  Made in Germany.

TECA                                      Produced in the late 1970's.  Made in Germany.

TISCHER                               Produced in the 1970's.  Made in Germany.

VIKING                                  Produced in the 1970's.  Made in UK.


WESTFALIA                          The only conversion officially recognised by Volkswagen.

                                                 Produced from 1951.  Made in Germany.


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