Body Trims & Body Details.



Front Headlight.


Early Glass  (No Handed Pattern)                 Handed Glass (Right or Left)                        US Spec (Sealed Beam)


Rear Light.


1950-51  Flat Glass, Dished Rim                    1951-53  Flat Plastic, Smooth Rim                 1953-55   Domed Lens



1955-58   Integral Reflector                           1958-61   Combined Brake & Tail                 1961-1967   Segmented




1950-1953 Ribbed Orange Semaphore          1960-1963   Bullet (Europe)                          1963-1967   Fish Eye (Europe)

1953-1960 Smooth Yellow Semaphore          1955-1963   Bullet (USA)                             1961-1967   Fish Eye (USA)


Engine Lid Handle.


1950-1955   T Handle                                   1955-1965   Church Key                               1965-1967   Push Button with Finger Grip


Tailgate Handle (Rear Hatch).


1955-1963   T Handle                                   1963-1966   Push Button                               1966-1967   Push Button with Finger Grip

1961-1962   T Handle & Halfmoon Recess


Cab Door Handle.


1950-1955   Pull (small recess)                      1955-1963   Pull (large recess)                       1963-1967 Push Button (large recess)


Loading Door Handle.


1955-1958   No Recess                                 1958-1963   With Recess                              1963-1967   Thicker with Recess


Cab Windows


Normal Glass (Catch Both Sides / Hole)                                             Laminated Glass (Catch Internal / No Hole)


Side Windows


Fixed                                                              Pop Out                                                         Louvered


Air Vents.


1950-1955   8 Outward Facing                      1955-1963   9 Outward Facing                      1963-1967   10 Inward Facing


Rear Arches.


1951-1962  Smooth / Flat / Early Style                                             1962-1967   Rounded / Reinforced / Late Style


Exhaust Tailpipes.


25HP  (Early) Short Stub                               30HP  Long Stub (upto 1958)                        Above 30HP+  Curly Stub (1959 to 1967)




1950-1958   Ribbed                                     1958-1965   Slashed                                      1965-1967   Rounded



US Bumper  ( aka Towel Rail )                       Deluxe Bumper Trim  ( Samba )                     Custom Made


Fuel Flap.


1950-1955  Filler Cap Inside Engine Bay        1955-1966   Church Key  (Locking)              1963-1967   Finger Flap (Non Locking)




1950-1951   Not Linked                                1951-1967   Linked / Painted                         1951-1967   Linked / Chromed




1950-1955   Part Dash / Speedo Pod              1955-1967   Full Dash with Parcel Shelf        1953   Early Samba Only (Full Dash)


Washer Bottle & FootWell Vents.


1950-1964   No Bottle & No FootWell Vents                                  1964-Onwards   Push Bellow Bottle - Hand Operated & Vents




Walk - Thro'     ( 7-Seater Microbus )                                                 Partition Panel       ( 9-Seater Microbus )




1950-1960   Top Hinge Mounted High                                             1961-1967   Top Hinge Mounted Low




1950-55  Tall Eng Lid, No Hatch                   1955-1963   Small Hatch                               1963-1967   Large Hatch


Mirror Types.


Round & Central  (Original)                            Round & Side  (Reproduction)                       Elephant Ear


Truck Style (Door Mounted)                           Truck Style (Hinge Mounted)                         Harp Arm


Truck Style (Extra Large)                                Truck Style (Centre Mounted)                       Truck Style (Ribbed)


Custom (Skeleton Hand)                                 Custom (MotorCycle)                                    Custom (CabFrame Mount)


Mirror Mounts.

( From 1950 to 1952 the mirror was mounted on the windscreen pillar, with the arm facing upwards ).

( From 1952 to 1955 the mirror was mounted on the windscreen pillar, with the arm facing downwards ).

( From 1955 to 1967 the mirror was mounted on the cab door top hinge ).


1950-1952 On Pillar, Upwards                      1952-1955 On Pillar, Downwards                1955-1967 On Hinge, Upwards




Both are bent out the way for safari windows.                                     Single Mount                                 Twin Mount


Pre March 1951

Panel Vans had a solid rear hatch (sometimes a VW Badge or Roundel was fitted).

The only other van to have a solid hatch fitted was the ambulance / krankenwagen.