The Gallery    Wheels




           Fully Detailed                Hi Profile & B/Ring             Lowered & WW               X-Ply WhiteWall                 WW & B/Ring



       Beauty Ring & Cap           Beauty Ring & Cap           WhiteBand & Cap              Painted Hub Cap               WhiteBand & Cap 



        Stock & No Cap              Rusty Rim & Cap                 Beetle Slotted                X-Ply / Cross-Plys                Kdf  Hubcap 



             ET Gassers                   Der Steiner Rad               Sprint & Red Band             Torque Thruster D                 Gas Burners



       Porsche 911 Fuch              Porsche 914 Fuch             Porsche Tele Dials               Porsche Boxster                  Porsche 928



           Porsche 944                      Porsche 996                Porsche 944 Detailed               Porsche Cup                  Porsche Detailed



    Porsche Fuch Polished            Weller 5 Spoke              WolfRace SlotMags           Stock with Flowers                  Sprint Star



         Empi Sprint Star                Flat4 17" BRM                 Speedwell BRM                  Cookie Cutter                  Ford  Granada  



           CentreLine 1                     CentreLine 2                  Randar aka Radar            Fully Polished Radar       Mooneyes Speedmaster



                Riviera                     Empi 8 with Spinner           Empi 5 with Spinner                     Empi 5                          Halibrand 



            Unknown 1                        Unknown 2                   Gianelle 6 Oval                  Honda Type R 1                         Golf



           Porsche Steel                      Enkei Slot                              Weller                       Honda Type R 2                        Erco



Any missing ? Or Know the name of the unknowns ?..............please email me at  matt@baronvonkronken.com