Headlight Adjustment.


If a headlight aiming device is not available, follow this procedure.


Stand the empty vehicle on level ground 5 metres (16.4 foot) in front of a wall or garage door.

(Make sure the tyre pressures are correct)


Draw two crosses (or place masking tape squares) on the wall as the diagram below.

A = 1012 mm./39.8"

B = height of the headlamp centre from the floor

C = 50 mm./2" (at a distance of 5M or 16.4 ft)


The longitudinal centre line of vehicle must be aligned exactly with the centre between the two

crosses and at the right angles to the wall.


Aim the lights individually by turning the two slotted screws in the headlamp rim with the beams

dipped. (Note: Cover up the other headlamp whilst adjusting).


Vertical Aim (Upper Screw).

The headlamps should be aimed vertically so that the light-dark border line coincides with the

adjusting line to the left of the cross and slopes upward to the right of the cross.

Lateral Aim (Lower Screw).

The headlamps should be aimed horizontally so that the angle on the light-dark border line is

exactly on the centre of the cross.