How to convert your Oil Bath / Air Cleaner.                                                          Updated on 05 May 2011



If your fed up with the messy old oil bath and/or would like to run a modern air filter, this way you can have modern air cleaner

technology without ruining the original look of the vehicle. This job takes about 30mins.


What you need to convert your air cleaner:        1 Old Oil Bath (Air Cleaner).

                                                                               Fram CA2648  (this filter will fit straight in) Cost of filter 5/5/2011 was 」5.06p

                                                                               Aluminium Sheet.

                                                                               1 Washer, 1 Wing Nut & 1 Long Bolt.

                                                                               Hacksaw & Hand File.



   1.  Remove air cleaner from the vehicle and clean up/drain oil and dismantle.

   2.  Take top (fig.1) and cut squarely around the top lip about 10mm from the edge.

   3.  Once open, carefully remove all the wire (very sharp) & oil (use gloves).

   4.  Get new Fram paper element air filter CA2648 out of box. (cost 」5.06p 5/5/2011)

   5.  Once top part is clean and ready, Carefully push/slide the Fram CA2648 in around the inner lip.

   6.  Cut a disc (160mm) & drill hole in middle, place over filter bottom & bolt together.

   7.  Check that the ally disc & fram filter fit together snug and show no gaps.

  8.  This photo shows the top section with the filter bolted in, you can see the washer and wing nut.

   9.  Clean the lower part of the oil bath and paint if desired (fig.11).

   10.  Assemble the upper & lower parts as normal, looks like the original, until you open the air flap.


That's it, job done, Easy Peasy, Enjoy your mess-free low maintenance smoother motoring.