News 2006.



( 18 Dec )

The winter issue of Volkswagen Camper & Commercial (Issue 27) came through the post today. Its got a beautiful splitty on the

cover, ( Even if i do say so myself )



( 12 Dec )

Its all very quiet this time of year, no shows, no motorsport and club meets are slim on the ground. Christmas will be here in just

a few weeks, i hav'nt even starting shoppiug yet ! What are you getting this xmas ? Any VW related items or just socks and a

bottle of old spice !!!


( 13 Nov )

Yesterdays Midlands Inter-Club Meet was a great day out, check my reviews for more.....


( 11 Nov )

Found this cool prototype vw bus clip on youtube, great work.  Watch the VW Bus Prototype Vision


( 06 Nov )

Back from a chilly weekend in London doing the SSVC Autumn Fair & Slough Swapmeet. Looking forward to next weekend

with the Midlands Inter-Club Meet at Ansty, near Coventry. Show seasons over now, time to start working on your winter

projects for next year, (i know i will be).


( 04 / 05 Nov )

FireForce 1 exploded at Flame & Thunder at Santa Pod. The driver/pilot got out ok and no spectators were injured.


Watch the video's....        The Final Run of FireForce 1 @ Santa Pod / Flame&Thunder 01.

                                       The Final Run of FireForce1 @ Santa Pod / Flame&Thunder 02.



( 29 Oct )

Picked up some parts for the project today, mmm sweet, a set of 5 brand new Firestones.



( 10 Oct )

I was gutted at missing Brighton Breeze due to my approaching house move. But hope to make the Slough SwapMeet to grab

some last minute bargains to see me thro the winter months.


( 20 Sept )

Happy 50th Birthday Krankenwagen.

50 years ago today my 1956 Ambulance left the VW factory at Hannover in Germany.


( 11 Sept )

Some exciting news, I've finally got another bus project.....   Watch this space ! (i mean website).


( 03 Sept )

After a few months testing/wearing/washing of a prototype. I finally got round to making the first batch of real BVK

T-shirts. These will be worn as promotional shirts at shows with the possiblity of making some for sale in the near future.



( 24 Aug )

All 5 episodes of 'CamperVan Crisis' has now been aired on Discovery RealTime. I was the Technical Advisor for the show

and saw my name up on the credits....cool.



( 22 Aug )

The Krankenwagen had a photo-shoot with David Eccles from Camper & Commercial Magazine. Look out for that in a

coming issue (probably around December/January).


( 19 Aug )

M Restorations had their Open Day with BBQ & DJ, good weather and plenty of visitors. They're official stockists of Scat

Engines from the USA, and also stock West Coast Metric stuff too.



( 7 Aug )

The VolksWorld Magazine (September Issue) has a nice little article on my website (Page 15).


How ace is that sign written split panel from Japan, i'm really feeling that, very nostalgic. Cheers Ivan & Co, I'm also looking

forward to their next month's new look / redesign issue.

( July )

On the 24th of July at 9pm Tuesday night, Discovery RealTime Channel are showing the first of 5 episodes of "CamperVan Crisis".

The series follows Nigel Isted and his van "Dipsy" through a full restoration from bare shell to finished project. The idea is that the

van will be race ready for Santa Pod (with hopes of joining the BWA) in just 150 days whilst also being showed at the SSVC AGM

with hopes of winning "Resto of the Year".


See the Campervan Crisis Promo Video  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hChxN2RjkNc

I am the Technical Advisor for the show. The Ambu & I will briefly appear in episode 2 & episode 4.


( 2 July )

Coming back from BVF, the krankenwagen made good time and we were home in 90 minutes. Check out the speedo,

maintained over 100kph (62mph+) most of the way. Not bad for the old girl.



( 28 June )

Whilst surfing the net, i found some photos taken at a pub on the way to the VolksWorld show 06.

My '56 with Peters Slambulance. The Slam will be featured in VolksWorld magazine next month.



( 24 June )

Had a lovely day at Victoria farm with the SSVC camping weekend crew. A big thanks go out to BleedingMoody & co for the

hospitality, sausage rolls and sun cream.  I also picked up the July's Issue of VWmotoring. My Krankenwagen on the front cover.



( 4 June / Stonor Park )

The Krankenwagen came Runner-Up (2nd) in Class 5. (See Reviews for more).


( 10 May )

Vinyl Sign writing was added to the rear hatch of the krankenwagen.


( 01 May / Big Bang / Santa Pod )

The Krankenwagen made two standing 1/4 mile runs down the strip.

1st run =  26.893 seconds @ 47.26 mph with a reaction time of 0.159

2nd run = 25.940 seconds @ 47.22 mph.



( 06 Feb 06 )

Replaced the reduction box and rear hub seals and gearbox oil, Sorted out the cab headlining. Cleaned up the horrible oil mess,

it was all over the place, dripping off the mudflaps, etc, etc.



( Xmas 05 to 10 Jan 06 )

Over the christmas holiday i removed the 56's engine and repainted the whole engine bay. The engine & fuel tank were put back

in including a new clutch, and parts of the engine detailed. I also replaced all fuel lines, flushed out and repainted the petrol tank.



( Sept 2005 )

The Krankenwagen was featured in the SSVC Magazine " Split Screen Scene ".