News 2013.



(07 Sept )

The 181 was sold today, and has gone to a lovely new owner and a lover of all things vw :)


(04 Sept )

The For Sale section has been update with a 'Cars For Sale' page.

The site map has also been refreshed along with a few other pages that were in need of updates.


( 15 Aug )

The 181 Trekker is up for sale, need the funding to finish other outstanding projects :(


( 05 May )

The DD Panel won 1st Prize in Class 10 (Splitscreen Vans) at Stanford Hall.


( 25 April )

The 181 - Trekker is finally finished. 9 days before Stanford Hall. Its taken 12 months exactly from rolling shell to road ready.


( 15 Jan )

Happy New Year.......  Welcome to 2013.....The world didn't end so onwards to hopefully another fun year.

Plans for this year are.....finish the 181 and finish the teardrop caravan.