News 2014.



( October thro to December )

The site has been down between these times, due to a bad web hosting company doing a runner and not registering domain names.

It was sort of hijacked by a Japanese dating type thing and during the down-time months this issue was slowly sorted.

Sorry for all those whom looked at my site and found other stuff.


( 06 May )

After the Bank Holiday weekend including Stanford Hall, i was sun burnt and tired out.  So i finished at the local pub on Monday night :)

The ambulance was running very rough for Stanford Hall, after investigation yesterday i found the carb ally cast body had cracked and

was weeping fuel !!!!....So remember to check those fuel lines and carbs for leaks.


( 01 May )

Well, Both vans are dusted off, cleaned and ready for Stanford Hall on the 4th.

The panel is in SuperClass this year, after winning 1st in Class 10 last year.

The ambulance is again in Class 10 this year, as its an interesting bus and should be shown, even tho its not super shiny.


( March-April )

Been a slow start to this year, Havn't done any shows yet, as i have been quite ill :(


( Jan )

Happy New Year.......  Welcome to 2014.