News 2019.



(May - Dec)

Well another year gone, and zero fun for me sadly, .....the ankle and rib issue continued late into the year slowly fixing itself.

The whole year has been the worst ever, illness upon illness with surgeries and suchlike taking up my complete year, lets hope 2020

will be way better. See you on the road somewhere soon :)


(  May )

Oh F.........I fell over hard on friday the 3rd, ended up in A&E with a torn open palm of hand, bruised ribs and a badly sprained ankle.

X-ray confirmed not broken but just a balloon sized sprain, with a probable 6 week recovery :(


Stanford Hall didn't clearly happen for me, and its the first time in 15+ yeras ive missed or not displayed there.

I hope to see you all there next time, and hopefully around other shows later this year.


( Jan )

Welcome into 2019.