News 2020.




Oh my goodness, how horrid is this year.

Ive lost family and friends, as im sure we all have....i wish you all good health and safe passage thro these tough times.

I'm sheilding as im 50+ now and with a few health issues....hopefully a vaccine will arrive and help us all sooner than later.

I'm close to tears writing this, my heart goes out to everyone...........Big hugs wherever you are xoxo



Hmmm, well summers here and the vans are laying idle in their barns, as is the Baron in his lair.

Ok you good good people, i hope your all staying safe and well within these odd times of Covid19.

I'm sure your all missing the scene and friends as much as i am.

Hopefully we'll all meet up again in the future.......Until that time, please be careful and safe.



Well the current worlds health doesn't look good..........


( Jan )

Welcome into the Twenties.... yep thats right folks, its 2020.  Get off your social media's and get out on the open road ;)