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   Steering Wheel Driving Knob - Chromed steel with black handle 」10

   12" BP Fuel Can - Grubby, Perfect for rat looker 」8

   Ice Bucket - 6" Chrome Effect with ice tongs 」10

   Ice Bucket - 6" Wrapped in wicker with ice tongs 」10

  Ice Bucket - 6" with antique world map 」8

   Fire Extinguisher  - with cradle 」10

   Fire Extinguisher - this one is missing cradle 」7

   Vintage Suitcase -Brown, Size is 50L x 30W x 17D (cm) Scruffy but good 」10

   Vintage Suitcase - Tan & white, Size is 66L x 40W x 24D (cm) Scruffy but good 」10

  Mini Picnic Basket  」3

   Money Box - Light blue - Funny Melted Look  」1

   Haynes Bay Mug in Orange  」2


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The items shown are parts that i have collected over the years.   If you require more info, email baronvonkronken@aol.com

Prices shown DO NOT include Postage & Packing (P&P).