Chassis VIN Plate & M Plate.


Most Transporters have two identification plates fitted. A chassis plate & a M plate. These contain information about the

vehicles original specifications.


The Chassis / VIN Plate.

This plate is located on the back of the engine bulkhead for vehicles up to 1963. From 1963 onwards, the plate is mounted on

side of the fresh air box in the roof of the cab. The chassis number is also stamped at the front right hand side of the engine bay.


                                                              ( VIN = Vehicle Identification Number )


                                                   Example (1) of a Chassis / VIN Plate  (Early Models)



                                                  Example (2) of a Chassis / VIN Plate  (Late Models)




The M Plate.

This is considered to be the second plate and can reveal a lot more information about the vehicles original specification. The plate

is located on the cabin side of the front bulkhead usually behind the right hand seat. Vehicles built pre1958 do not carry M plates.


From this plate it is possible to find precise information about date of manufacture, export destinations, factory fitted options,

model numbers and paint / trim of the vehicle.


You can also get M plate details from the VW museum in Wolfsburg by means of a birth certificate.


                                                                      ( M = Mehrausstattung ).


                                                                    Example of an M Plate.


M Plate Example Diagnosis.

07  8        =  Produced on the 7th of August

172          =  Visible location of brake fluid reservoir

216          =  1500cc engine

FJ            =  Finland

2213        =  Microbus (9 seat), LHD, Loading doors on the right, synthetic resin finish.

544480    =  54 (Upper = Sealing Wax Red)   44 (Lower = Beige Grey)   80 (Int = Basalt Grey)

1147754  =  Chassis Number shows that it was built in 1963


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